Running your association can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming.

We can help by providing administrative assistance, you can be as involved as you want to be, or we can handle it all. Tierra Verde Property Management provides the following Administrative Services: meetings, letters and reports, records, fidelity bonds, and insurance.


TVPM will prepare agendas for, send notices to unit owners and Board members of, and cause a representative of its organization to attend meetings of the unit owners and of the Board of Directors. If requested by the Board of Directors, TVPM will have its representative act as secretary of the association and record and keep the minutes of the meeting.

Letters and Reports

TVPM will prepare and post all letters and reports as the Board of Directors may direct.


TVPM will keep all records of the affairs and proceedings of the association and the Board, including but not limited to minutes of meetings, bylaws, rules and regulation and amendments thereto.

Fidelity Bonds

TVPM will procure and maintain throughout the term of this agreement at the expense of the Association, a fidelity bond indemnifying the Board of Directors, as required under Florida Statutes, from and against any loss of money or other personal property belonging to the association or for which association is legally liable, occasioned by any dishonest or fraudulent acts committed on or after the date of this agreement by TVPM, its officers, Board of Directors, or employees.


At the direction of the Board, TVPM will administer all association insurance policies, which responsibility will include the filing and pressing of claims, and review and recommendations, from time to time, as the adequacy of coverage.